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Family Law Resources

County's Supplemental Local Rules

Lane County (website) » Download PDF

Linn County (website) » Download PDF and Standard/Model Parenting Plan for Linn County

Douglas County (website) » Download PDF

Oregon Child Support Calculator

» The Child Support Guidelines Calculator

Note: This calculator is based on the Oregon Child Support Guidelines. It can be used to estimate the amount of child support that may be ordered in your case.

» Oregon Administration Rules (OAR) Governing Child Support

These rules include detailed explanation about what "is" and "is not" in the child support calculation.

Oregon Law Governing Divorce and Child Custody

» Oregon Divorce Statute (Chapt. 107)

» Oregon Parent and Child Rights and Relationships Statute (Chapt. 109)

Parenting Guidelines During Divorce

» Divorce and Custody Parent Guidelines

Note: Parenting is difficult under any circumstance. The added stress of a pending divorce makes it even more difficult. Here are some guidelines and suggestions for parenting during divorce and custody cases.

General Parenting Guidelines & Worksheets

» Parenting Plan Worksheet

» Birth to Three Recommendations

Parenting Classes and Mediation

In all cases involving minor children, all parents must register and complete a county specific parenting class.


  • Lane County

       » Lane County Family Mediation Services - Focus on Children

        Register: HERE

Parties must register for Focus on the Children within fifteen (15) days of filing and respondents must register within fifteen (15) days of being served.

  • Linn County

       » Linn County Mandatory Parenting Education

       The court will arrange a date for the parties to attend the mediation orientation.

       » Linn County Mediation Services

  • Douglas County

       » Douglas County - Online Parenting Programs (accepted by Douglas County Circuit Court)

       The parties must register for the program within thirty (30) days after the case is at issue and complete the class within sixty      

         days thereafter.

Oregon Family Law Statutes (Printable)

ORS 107.095  Provisions court may make after commencement of suit and before judgment.

ORS 107.097  Ex parte temp. custody or parenting time orders; temp. protective order of restraint; hearing.

ORS 107.102 Parenting plan; content.

ORS 107.105 Provisions of judgment.

ORS 107.135  Vacation or modification of judgment.

ORS 107.137  Factors considered in determining custody of child.

ORS 109.119 Rights of person who establishes emotional ties creating child-parent relationship.

An Overview of the Divorce Process

» Divorce in Oregon Primer

Oregon Primer that will give you a general understanding of key terms and concepts. Our clients have found that this overview helps them better communicate their goals and wishes. Please take this opportunity to review this document - you will think it is worth it.

Child Support
Divorce in Oregon Primer
Mandatory Parenting Classes


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