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The legal landscape of family law is daunting and often difficult to wade through. Our job is to hold your hand through the process of divorce, protect your interests, thoroughly explain everything everything, and ultimately represent you in a way that positions you for a successful outcome to your case.


People who have attempted to represent themselves in the past often say "I just didn't know what I didn't know." At Crawley Law we have experience with the courts and know what are good and bad settlement offers. We understand the law and how judges view these cases. While we encourage reasonable settlement and compromise, there are instances where both sides cannot find common ground. In those instances, you need an aggressive litigation attorney on your side to vigorously uphold your rights and protect you. We will never ask you to accept an unreasonable settlement offer.

Through persuasive dialogue with opposing parties, we make every attempt to reach reasonable settlements whenever possible. However, there is a time and place to take a stand and make your case in court. We do not shy away when your position needs to be protected. We also vow to represent you a manner than demonstrates our understanding of the emotional and financial stress of this adversarial process. Let us guide you through your family law matters.



Complex Divorce Issues

Child Custody

Child Support

Parenting Time Issues

Spousal Support (Alimony)


Unmarried Couples



Enforcement of Judgments

Grandparent's Rights (Third Party)

We encourage you to call our office at (541) 632-4313 for a free confidential consultation regarding your divorce or other family law matter. For some more resources regarding family law in Oregon click here.

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